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*PLEASE indicate in your notes if your basket will be hanging high OR lower where you see the top OR if you are transplanting into a larger container (barrel?) This allows us to play more freely with your plants.*

Be prepared for a splash of unique plants and bright colours!

This basket has been our most popular pick over the years. It evolved from a single moment in the early days:


The kids were young then and would dash into the greenhouse to play or pick lettuce, running back out the door with greens hanging from their mouths.


Glancing up from planting one day, Tasha watched them in a blur as they escaped, young son Hunter in a yellow hoodie and purple pants, his friend Damian wearing chartreuse green shoes and an orange shirt with streaks of red.


The colours were bright and seemed to clash. But she got up, selected flowers in those colours and made a single basket called "Beavis and Butthead" which is what Damian's dad regularly called the two friends.


It started as a joke but it turned into a GORGEOUS basket. We make more and more every year. Not always the exact same mix of flowers, but always equally beautiful - the "B&B remixes". They are guaranteed to have those colours and ALWAYS at least one black-eyed Susan vine and bright lime-green spilling foliage (oddly, after all these years, we have not managed to keep a single photo of our infamous basket combo! Pictured are an idea of plants you can expect).


Like those young boys, these baskets will have vigour and flare but ALSO require regular food and water! Full sun.


If you order more than one, let us know if you would like them to be a perfect match or be "same yet different" in terms of flower selection.

*Baskets may not be exactly as shown. Nature and art are tricky like that!


***For large orders (more than 6 baskets), please contact us directly at 780-221-5023 to place your order.


***Please note! We will not contact you for order pick-up until mid-May, so please be patient! We will lovingly care for your plants in our toasty greenhouse until the weather is warm enough for them to be on your deck or patio.

14" Beavis & Butthead