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3 in ONE!!

All apple trees require cross-pollinators (2 different trees of different varities.)  Not this one!!

There are 3 different varieties grafted onto a single tree!!!  

Three excellent varities are combined in a single tree:  Odyssey, Goodland, and Gloria.  These are grafted onto a "Harcourt standard" (which means the 3 varieties are grown onto a stalk that is super hardy.)

Only one tree is required for harvest.

Yes, they are more expensive than our other apple trees but... for those who want to harvest apples in a smaller yard, this is the answer.

This past fall, we witnessed a significant harvest from one of these trees... almost too much to keep up with!  


Unique and beautiful apples.  All-purpose fruit.  Fresh eating, canning etc.


These trees come in 5-gallon pots and are aprox 6ft tall.


Combination Apple