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Plants. When it ain't snowin'.


Baraka Gardens was named in the memory of our owner Tasha Bradsell’s late husband, Andy Bradsell.  

The most direct translation of the word Baraka is “a blessing.” Baraka is perfect peace. That moment when you feel at one with the earth. At one with the Creator, Mother Earth, or friends and family.  

Whatever you believe, it does not matter what you call those minutes of pure pleasure. It’s the moment that has no words to describe. It’s simply Baraka – beautiful and beyond words. 

As an avid and skilled fisherman and hunter, Andy used the word Baraka to describe those moments that were literally beyond words. He would be in a boat with his mates, sun shining and fish jumping…he would look at them and say nothing more than Baraka.  They knew what he meant. 


After losing my husband in Iraq, everything in my life came into question. The journalism career I once loved became something I couldn’t put my heart into anymore. Covering war and the world’s turmoil became less important than staying close to my family.


In a series of twists and turns, I bought an acreage with a small existing greenhouse. It seemed crazy at the time, but I wanted to be in the kind of place I imagined Andy and I might one day live.  

“I think of gardening as Baraka because it’s quite simply,

a primal moment. We’ve lost much in our modern

grocery-shopping world. So, when we get to harvest

our own food by fishing or hunting, when we nurture

seeds into food or a beautifully coloured garden, we

feel a reward that goes straight to our soul.”


- Tasha Bradsell 


Since then, Baraka Gardens has become a part of my heart and soul. It has helped me find peace and allowed me to raise our children in a place that feels closer to him. I’ve gained wonderful staff, friends and neighbours. I have been blessed to serve and get to know hundreds of customers, all of whom experience a little piece of Baraka when they visit.  

I encourage you to make this year’s gardening plans your opportunity to have a Baraka moment.  

The activity of gardening allows you to reach into the Earth and pull out that thing that is in your gut. Feel the dirt in your hands, watch the insects that run through your garden and savour the feeling of Baraka when it comes. 

If you plant a garden this year and take a moment to feel the earth, I guarantee you a Baraka moment, and we will be here to help you every step of the way. 

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We are more than just a retail greenhouse. We are committed to your healthy garden and healthy lifestyle. We demonstrate this through our environmental commitments, our dedication to growing plants by hand from seed, and our unique and creative custom order planter program. 


Environmental Commitment 
You won’t find bedding plants, trees and shrubs as healthy, bountiful and grown with as much commitment to the environment as Baraka Gardens. Our beneficial insect program ensures natural control of harmful bugs. We also recycle our seed trays and pots (after sanitizing).

Hand-Grown Plants 

About half of our plants are grown from the highest quality seeds right here in the greenhouse. Our dedicated staff begin seeding tens of thousands of seeds in February by hand. This allows us to control the growing environment of each plant, eliminating transportation stress, insect damage and disease. 

Supporting Local 

We strive to support other local producers and suppliers. Our seeds, plants, trees and shrubs are sourced from Canadian companies and we work with local retailers to stock the greenhouse with garden supplies, tools, planters and accessories for your garden. 

Spirit of Baraka 

We know the joy and satisfaction of gardening brings. We love to work with novice gardeners to get them started on their first growing adventure by providing personalized support and advice. We work with growers at every level to help them get the most out of their growing season so they can experience their own Baraka moment! 

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