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The Evans Cherry was developed here and Alberta and has proven it's worth over 4 decades!

Easily grown and hardy to Zone 2A!

The Evans (like all prairie-hardy cherries) are not quite the BC cherry.  But this is not sour... just a bit tart.   As the fruit darkens, it becomes much sweeter.   They are a delight to grow and harvest-time is always rewarding.

Wonderful for fresh eating, pies, jellies etc.

Does not require pollinator.

These are fast-growing trees but it will be a couple years before they bear significant fruit. 

Evans Cherries are becoming harder to source every year due to the high demand!  Their popularity has grown dramatically as more and more people realize "Yes! You CAN grow cherries in Alberta!"

Evans Cherry is a beautiful small tree with interesting bark, white blossoms in spring (that bees LOVE) and fruit that ripens to a dark burgundy.

Cherry trees require well-draining soil.   Excellent planted nearby your home where you can pick them readily as you walk by and also enjoy the beauty of your tree!


2 gallon pot size. 


You will be emailed for order pick-up in late-April to early May depending on weather. 

Evans Cherry