Perfect for your shady spots, these brilliant baskets come with the option of adding trailing foilage. Colours in the yellows/oranges/red, each basket is unique! PART SHADE - SHADE


If you order more than one, let us know if you would like them to be a perfect match or be "same yet different" in terms of flower selection.

*Baskets may not be exactly as shown. Nature and art are tricky like that!


***For large orders (more than 6 baskets), please contact us directly at 780-221-5023 to place your order.


***Please note! We will not contact you for order pick-up until mid-May, so please be patient! We will lovingly care for your plants in our toasty greenhouse until the weather is warm enough for them to be on your deck or patio.

14" Begonia "Sunset Shades" Basket