6-foot tree in 5-gallon pot. $99


Zone 3/4 (depending on who you talk to!). We have hesitated in past to bring in this incredible apple as it barely makes it into Zone 3 category.  However, we keep hearing stories of this growing successfully around our area and had many requests to bring it in.   The name says it all.   It is sweet, crunchy, juicy, and has a unique flavour that won’t disappoint!   Plant this in a sheltered area, and should be fine in an urban environment.


Trees will reach a mature height of 15-20 feet and a spread of 12 ft. apple trees should be pruned for improved production and easier picking!


*Apple trees in rural areas need a cross-pollinator to produce fruit (urban centres have enough pollen in the air from existing apple trees). Be sure you have 2 different types of apple trees to achieve cross-pollination. 


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