Handle packs are twice the size of regular 6-packs so further advanced for earlier fruiting. Online ordered handle packs need to be picked up by May 10. Watch for the pick-up email in May.


Please choose from the following varieties when you place your order:


"The Complete Package" 

For slicing, canning, and eating cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine!  Includes

  • 2 x Hy-Beef,
  • 2 x Roma,
  • 2 x cherry tomatoes (one Sweet Million and one Sungold)


"Slicers and Savers!" 

This mix includes Beefsteak-types, Roma-types and multi-purpose tomatoes:

  • 2 X Big Beef Hybrid (an All-American Selections winner.  Great flavour with excellent performance for the home-gardener!  One of the best in the beefsteak category!)
  • 2 x Roma/San Marzano (great for salsas/sauces/freezing)
  • 2 x Hy-Beef (gorgeous beefsteak-type.  Requires very little staking.  Disease-resistant.  Excellent "multi-purpose" tomato. Great for slicing but also not overly-juicy so good for canning/freezing as well!)


"Flat-out Flavour and Early Eating!" 

This combination includes tomatoes you can eat fresh very early in the season and right up until frost!  Includes

  • 3 x cherry tomatoes (1 each of Sweet Million, Sungold and Black Cherry)
  • 1 x Evans tomato (not quite big, not quite small, but very very early!)
  • 1 x New Girl (earliest mid-sized tomato) and
  • 1 x Hy-Beef (a wonderful beefsteak type that develops easily pre-frost and stores well!)



This includes 4 varieties of tomatoes we have found to be nicely bushy (instead of climbing and sprawling) but still deliver excellent flavour and are highly productive:

  • 2 x Grand Marshall (a new discovery for us last year.  We had gorgeous plants that required little-to-no staking.  They were extremely productive and are disease-resistant!)
  • 2 x Bush Beefsteak (the name speaks for itself!)
  • 1 x Hy-Beef (requires short stakes but remains bushy.  Dense interior allows for good storage life and works well for sauces/salsas yet is also one of our favorites for slicing.  This remains, hands-down one of our best for disease-resistance and excellent production DESPITE the weather!)
  • 1 x Celebrity (Another bush-type but short stakes may be required.) This is not the most productive tomato but, hands-down, wins our in-house taste tests year after year! Well worth growing!


Tomato Mixed Handle-Packs

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