The Rescue Crabapple was first developed in 1936! This incredibly hardy crabapple is probably the same one you might have seen in your youth. When larger prairie-hardy apples were developed over the years, the crabapple fell out of favour and fewer nurseries even grow them. But this tree is back "en vogue" and is coveted for the perfect fruit to preserve juices and jellies! The small apples are even good for fresh eating if you like a nice tart flavour.


The true bonus of this small tree (16' tall x 13' wide) is its beauty! Nicely scented white spring blooms bring an abundance of bees.  As the season progresses, the tree becomes covered in showy red fruit. 


*Apple trees in rural areas need a cross-pollinator to produce fruit (urban centres have enough pollen in the air from existing apple trees). Be sure you have 2 different types of apple trees to achieve cross-pollination. 

Rescue Crabapple

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